(2) Ash 2 piece Keneticly Responsive Bodies Bundle

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Ash 2 piece Keneticly Responsive

(2) Bodies Bundle

14" x 20" x 1.875"


These Bodies are dense and solid.  Perfect for a guitar you plan on making a smaller body or chambering.  The denser fibers allow the transference of sounds and lets your guitar ring.


Think of a long piece of metal, next to it a long piece of wood, and a long piece of rubber, all the same size and shape.  On one end gentle tap a small hammer.  The metal one will ring the most and longest, the wood second, and the rubber third.  Why?  When a material is denser it allows the flow of energy to be transferred easier.  Think of listening to a railroad rail and hearing the train miles away.


Many of these bodies are 3a grade with stunning looks.


Now until the end of the month when you buy 2 of these bodies you can save $20.  Just $60 for 2.  No limit