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3a Swamp Ash Body Blank - Two Piece 2.2 lbs/bf to 3.0 lbs/bf

9.50 LBS
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3A Swamp Ash is free of defects and significant blemishes inside pattern.

Every guitar body blank is between 2.2 and 3.0 lbs per board foot or less 

Small mineral or inclusions may occur on the back side.

Dimensions are 1.8"+ x 13.25"+ x 20"+. 

3a.  Like the A Grade neck, these are the top quality components.  They look like everyone wants them too, sounds like everyone wants them to.  For the select few builds, you use them on you can be sure to demand top dollar.  Make sure to tell them about the wood, explain to them how few guitars will ever be made with this quality.   


Less than 15% of the wood will find it’s way into this grade.  



Kiln dried

These items show a representative photograph - your item will be carefully selected to be on grade.