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Ash Body Blank, 1a 3 piece, Natural

11.00 LBS
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3 piece Solid Body Blank

These bodies are the ones with personality.  They are budget-priced, good models. Pared with a C grade neck they offer amazing savings for new luthiers, schools, or test builds.  For the price of a 3a body you can buy a few of these and experiment with pickup placement, cavity depth, weight relief different paints and finishes without having to put off that “good one” until sometime in the future.  The 1a’s are also making sure that up to 35% of the wood won’t be wasted from that tree. Remember wasting a precious resource like that is not our goal. Much like an animal shelter, our goal is to find every block of wood a home.  0% waste is in our minds daily. Make it part of yours.

 Radio frequency glued for that solid glue line that looks great and will give you that long lasting hold you and your customers demand.

 These Bodies look great, and sound even better.

13.25"+ x 20"+ x 1.875"