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Birdseye Fretboards

Birdseye Fretboards


Natural Color and Roasted (torrified)

Our birdseye fretboards come in two grades, Intense & Strong.


Intense Grade
This is highest grade. Heavy, tight eye count per inch over entire board face. Even, clear color.


Strong Grade
Substantial amount of tight birdseye throughout pattern face. Well balanced to clear color. Could have small amount of heart stain on one face or out of pattern. This would be considered most companies highest grade.


Roasted (Torriefied)

You want Roasted birsdeye for the rich color, added stability and distinct look. We’ve perfected the birdseye roasting process. Never “over cooked,” our birdseye is always gorgeous in color, while never losing it's workability and tone.


Kiln Dried
Surfaced Two Sides