And now we build for others

And now we build for others

Posted by Daniel Austin Cooke on 4th Dec 2019

One of the biggest changes I ever had to make in my life is when I realized that I love doing something for fun, but it's so different when I do the thing I love for someone else.

No I'm not talking about giving to charity (although we all really should do that more) or volunteering down somewhere with underprivileged people (again we really should do that a lot more).  I'm talking about building guitars.

When we start a hobby it's mostly for ourselves.  There are always exceptions so we will gloss over those.  But for most of us it's a very self serving thing.  We garden, we grow what we want first, maybe we through some other things in for family and friends, but thats really just to show off how good at gardening we are.  When we build a guitar it's the same thing.

I love a light, light, feather light weight guitar.  I want to feel like I'm playing air guitar but I'm really playing actual guitar... or non air guitar.... wait, real guitar... I don't know.

Point is, that it gets us satisfied when we build what we want.  The body looks like we want it too.  The color, the layout, everything is what we want to create. 

But then the day comes to turn this hobby into a money making endeavor.  Now it's not what you want.  Your taking an order. They are paying for it.  It will be theirs.  We should let them make some choices.

Something is different now.  Part of the fun just left, and in a hurry.  Now you are using your skill to craft a piece of art. And you can be proud of it, but when you are holding it you can't help but think, "I would have used _____ instead"  or "still not sure about this part".

We can't help this change. It happens for everyone.  If you want to make a business out of this, and make some money, you have to open up your viewpoint a bit.  Realize that it's your skill they want, not necessarily your exact taste.   

Remember this feeling.  The moment when you start letting those thoughts creep in go celebrate.  It's not official, you have gone from amature status to professional.  Your not doing this just for kicks anymore, your in it to win.