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Does weight matter?

Does weight matter?

Posted by Daniel Austin Cooke on 7th Jul 2019

I am not talking about a visit to your doctor, or trying to figure out if you overloaded the truck.    And I am definitely not talking about how anyones looks in a pair of jeans. 

I'm talking about weight of the guitar.

So first off lets talk about me.  I have a problem.  I know I have a problem.  My family knows I have a problem.  It has caused so many issues through the years, fights, tears (mostly mine), and heartache.  If it gets worse I don't even know what I can do.  I am talking about my horrible habit of buying 80's and 90's guitars.  

I just love them.  Crazy colors, weird ad's to print out and put with the guitars for posterity.  It was when the super-strat was king, hair metal was high, and auto-tune wasn't even a thought.  

Now I have one of these super-strats made in Japan from a company who will remain nameless.  And they made this red guitar that sings and screams and does everything I could ever want.  But one problem.  Fully assembled, and ready to rock, the things weighs in at 14 lbs, 5 oz.

Solid Maple Neck, Dense Maple, Solid Maple body, and Dense Maple.  Thick and big body, three humbuckers, Floyd Rose Trem, and It's too heavy to play.

When your going to be playing some set for 45 min to over 2 hours you don't want something that heavy on your shoulder.  Even sitting down it's uncomfortable.

So here I am with a guitar that sounds the part, looks the part, and yet I never play it.

So does weight matter.  You bet your table-saw it does.

When you want to have a good solid player you need something that doesn't always have to be perfect at everything but just good at everything.  Weight should always be on your mind with your build.

Picking out a guitar body always watch the density of the wood.  The difference can be substantial.