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C grade Honduran Mahogany neck blank. 3.25" x 4.25" x 27". 2.7 lbs/bf to 3.2 lbs/bf

7.00 LBS
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C Grade: This piece is the budget or entry model.  It is really more about having a piece to try an idea on.  Whenever you try something new people need time to learn, inspect, discover.  But that can be expensive and limiting for the new builder, or even an experienced builder with a few new ideas.  Perfect for schools or hobbyists. These pieces are also for people who care more about waste. Most of these pieces would either be sold under a higher price and result in an unhappy buyer or moved as scrap wood.  It can take a hundred years for a mahogany tree to mature for tone-wood. Our goal is to find a home for each piece.