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Eco-Recovery: Swamp Ash 1 piece with Live Edge in Pattern

18.00 LBS
Calculated at Checkout

This piece has so much character I just fell in love.  I hope you do too.

The Live edge is found off-center of this massivly large board.  It's also part of the lighter class of wood coming in at 2.3 lbs/bf or 27.8lbs/ft3.  

Just Check out how large it is compared to our regular size strat style pattern.



These Bodies have been recovered from the waste off-cuts of music grade Alder. They have been built from multiple pieces of these off-cuts, then radio frequency glued together to ensure a high quality bond that exceeds the requirements that your build demands.


Live Edge?

There are several layers in the tree.  The cambian layer is the outermost part of the tree.  This is the part of the tree that has active Ring Growth.  A live edge would include this layer and out to the bark.  Most of this would be removed during the initial mill-work of the lumber.



When we get raw lumber in to start working on creating components, you need to understand how much of the wood doesn't make the grade.

Every guitar body blank is on the average about 3.7 bf of wood.  If we are cutting them from a single slab of lumber it needs to be wider than 13.25".  Any width above this is known as "bout waste"  if the board is at 15"  we will have waste of 1.75" x 2" x 20" long or .49bf.   If we cut 200 1 piece guitar body that makes almost 100 bf of waste.  Too much.

What about the 2 piece bodies.  These are made at 14" wide. so any width between 7.25" and 13" will be cut off.  on the average we need to cut off 2.875" from each board.  This makes 1.6bf of waste per guitar body just for the off cuts, not even counting the loss for cutting between knots and other issues.  When we make 200 bodies this will create another 320 bf of waste.

Music Grade wood isn't the same wood that you can drive down to your local big box store and just pick up.  These trees have been selected from the start to create the highest quality lumber to build the components.  Most of them take between 40 and 130 years before they are even considered mature enough to make Music Grade wood.  When we are currently wasting over 25% of the wood before it even is purchased by the Luther then we need to re-look at our options.