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Maple Drop Top, Quilt, 2a

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Maple has been a beautiful and useful tonewood for over 100 years.  It works well with other woods and provides the looks and sound quality that top builders and players are looking for.

A Drop top is a sliced set from a billet that is meant for a flat top guitar.  Both sides are about .125" to .33" x 7" x 18"  When joined up this will cover most standard sizes of electric guitars.

Grades on the Flame maple tops are highly subjective to the person and their experience.  Below is a basic listing of how we determin the different grades for maple tops

         Figure amount       Depth      Intensity     Color     

1a-       small amount       shallow      low         non-uniform color

2a-       medium amount   shallow      low         more uniform color

3a-       medium amount   medium     medium   uniform color

4a-       high amount         medium     high       uniform color

5a-       high amount        deep           high       uniform color