Roasted Mahogany Neck Blank

8.00 LBS
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3.25" x 4.25" x 27"

6.7 lbs

Take your build to a new level of stability.

Roasting wood (torrification) has been around for hundreds of years.  The process has been used by different people at different times to accomplish different goals.  For us the main reason we roast the wood is for structural stability.

Over time the fibers in the wood harden.  This takes time, and even drying in a kiln isn't enough to fully solidify the fibers.  That is one of the big reasons people want aged wood.  

By roasting the Mahogany it turns a slightly darker color (which really pops with finish) but the stability of the wood is where it is gold.  The wood loses about 9% weight (moisture) but after that it doesn't seem to keep soaking up the humidity like freshly cut wood.  The fibers have hardened, just where you want your neck to be.