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Ultra-Lightweight 2 Piece Honduran Mahogany Body blank, <2.5 lbs/bf

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11.00 LBS
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When you want to stop someone in their tracks makes a guitar out of this wood.  Wow. every species of wood varies in density. In fact, every part of the tree has a different density.  Mahogany can come in between 2.1lbs/bf and up to 4.3lbs/bf. One body could weigh as little as 2 lbs, the other over 7 lbs.  That’s not counting the neck, hardware, and pickups. Don’t be surprised when you order wood. Make sure you buy the piece you want.  Don’t overpay for a maybe.

Sanded 2 sides

Kiln dried

Minimum net dimensions are: 1 7/8"+ X 13.25"+ X 20"+