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Ultralight Ash 2pc body <2 lbs/bf

8.60 LBS
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14" x 20" x 1.875"


Just the lightest ever.  less than 2 lbs per Board Foot. 


These Body Blanks are light, and look great.  Nice Color.  We always go for the best match possible.


All weight and graded by our head grader who puts his hands and eyes on each piece we sell.


When you want to stop someone in their tracks, make a guitar out of this wood.  Wow.


Every species of wood varies in density. In fact, every part of the tree has a different density.  Ash can come in between 1.55lbs/bf and up to 3.8lbs/bf. One body could weigh as little as 2 lbs, the other over 5 lbs.  That’s not counting the neck, hardware, and pickups.  Make sure you buy the piece you want.  Don’t overpay for a maybe.